Professional Solutions

Semiconductor Facility Engineering and Turnkey Solution

Propersys Corporation coordinates all design, procurement and construction work and ensures that the whole project is completed as required, on time and on budget. 

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EHS Management

Propersys EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) management plays a critical role in achieving and maintaining the overall organizational goals.

Propersys EHS management helps improve worker safety, well-being and also improves employee retention, productivity, and ROI.

Propersys EHS management protects workers from job-related injuries and illnesses. It also identifies and minimizes any physical, and chemical hazards in the workplace.

Propersys EHS provides training for our team to recognize potentially dangerous situations on the job site.

We develop and implement EHS programs to ensure compliance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations.

Ultimately, our EHS management can reduce administration costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Program Management

Program Management

Propersys program management assures that each phase of the projects is accomplished within given timeframes and done as efficiently as possible. Propersys provides frequent updates to the owner's management.

Design & Architecture

Design GDS and GMS

Software architecture

Propersys provides system architecture design of Gas Distribution and Gas Monitoring Systems for our clients.

We have a proficient design team who uses 3D & 2D VDCs (Virtual Design and Construction) models for engineers and contractors to visualize and plan system designs, processes, and schedules. With our VDC technology, we have the opportunity to prefabricate and modularly construct our systems for safe, fast, and on-time construction.

Our team consists of designers and modelers who work diligently and effectively on the details to provide an accurate digital model of our construction projects.

Maintenance & Calibration Service

Propersys provides continuous maintenance for the facility and its systems after construction. System calibration are also performed regularly so that facilities remain in their most effective state. 

Integration Service

Integration – Our specialized personnel can program many brands of PLCs (programmable logic controllers). PLCs can be selected to meet customer requirements, and specialized programmers are selected for central monitoring systems. Our programmers are readily available to seamlessly integrate gas systems and central monitoring systems (FMCS) within the facilities.

Installation Management

Installing GDS and GMS

Based on each customer's specific process requirements, we install gas distribution and monitoring equipment that meets or exceeds the customer specs requirements. Propersys will oversee and manage the entire process of installing GDS and GMS equipment at client sites. 

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Monitor & Control

For our clients' Specialty Gas and Bulk Gas Distribution system operations, it is crucial to install and configure a system to monitor and control them. Propersys Gas Monitoring and Control system can maintain the gas system's stability and prevent gas-related calamities.

The system uses a set of gas detectors with SCADA to monitor for gas leaks. It also implements an HMI (Human Machine Interface) for effective monitoring. This system will monitor gases like pure Oxygen, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Silane, Natural Gas, Methane, etc. The system also uses PLC to transmit signals to control different equipment like Center Console TV, Gas Exhaustion Fan, Broadcasting system, and some LAU (local alarm units*) for emergency lighting, etc.

Quality Management

Propersys is committed to ensuring the highest level of quality control for our clients' projects. We provide quality inspections starting with equipment received at the warehouse all the way through site installation and commissioning. Our services provide our clients with a worry-free experience from start to finish.

Our Quality Management services include, but are not limited to: