Gas Distribution

Gas Distribution System (GDS)

Professional bulk special gas system (BSGS) is a highly technical distribution system that is specifically designed for automatic safe distribution of large quantity of gases. Energy purification valve controller allows operator to use the touch screen easily for the control of machine more conveniently. The graphic interface allows the operator to quickly decide how to operate the machine by browsing the screen. The buttons on the panel and menus on the screen gives the operator the peace in mind to control the screen.

BSGS is designed to distribute gases to one or two bulk supply distribution systems, such as large cylinders, Y-type cylinders or receiver trailer. The system is provided with 2 types of pressure regulators installed for high-volume or ultra-high volume applications like extra-large heater and resource and environment control. The system is designed to ensure the most stable supply records and the best industrial operations. The system program is designed to improve efficiency and prolong the service life of tools.

The gas distribution system can be used on various types of machine and equipment to satisfy special needs of clients. An entire set of gas cabinets, controllers and panels can be integrated mechanically to satisfy your needs. In addition, there are optional devices enough to satisfy almost any need for all gas systems. There are records in 300mm chips to prove the performance of the gas distribution system, and it runs perfectly in 99.999% of time for 65nm and 45nm applications. A well experienced system solution can be provided for insufficient standard installation. The gas distribution system is installed on the inert gas rack of gas cabinet to satisfy the need of system incorporation or venting device. The variation of system controller depends on the need for automatic operation. The automatic switch controller is installed on a subsystem of the rack. It will only need to switch from an empty cylinder to a full one. The micro monitoring unit provides additional input/output, as well as the automatic switching on semi-automatic system. PowerPurge V, a PLC-based controller provides control of fully automatic system, and allows operators to establish alarm settings and operational parameters like timer and fixed points.