Semiconductor Facility Engineering and Turnkey Solution


Propersys Corporation is a newly established U.S. subsidiary of Taiwan Puritic Corporation which was founded in 1996.

The company serves the innovated semiconductor industry with high precision equipment, systems and service. Delivering professional facility turnkey project and system engineering services to semiconductor fabrication industry are the company's specialties. Performing the high quality production and ultimate execution are the reasons the Semiconductor leaders choosing us to participate their evolvement and expansion.

Propersys also specializes on providing the services on procurement and sales of consumable supplies and raw materials for high-tech OEM/ODM semiconductor equipment.


Propersys specializes in turnkey engineering services for the semiconductor Industry.

As TSMC's supplier, we deliver the safety and quality to optimize the performance.

    • Total Gas Distribution System -Bulk Specialty Gas

    • Gas Monitoring System

    • Turnkey Project Management

News Flash

TSMC awarded Propersys with the Torsion award for our continuous service and support to the construction of TSMC's Fab 21.

The Torsion sculpture represents an "Endless Cycle of Change '' The sculpture itself is made from copper reclaimed from TSMC's chip making process to signify TSMC's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Carol Lin, President and CEO: "This is a cheerful moment with gratitude. This award achievement is a constant reminder of our efforts, passion, pride and mission to drive innovation."